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Fiction - Erotica - F/F - "Violet's Tit" Chapter 03

Week Three: “Discovery”

On Sunday Morning Violet came home from her night shift job, she was tired, and irritated. She'd had to write up an aide and wasn't particularly happy about that.

As she came through the side door into the incredibly cluttered house, she dumped her large bag on the floor next to the sofa bed she slept on and stared at it. She'd remembered all the times in the last week she and Trin had spent exploring each other on it.

Trin had dubbed it the, 'couch of sucking' as it's iron fold-out body was always consuming various mattresses, pieces of bedding and cushions. Trin had a difficult time climbing on and off of it, and Violet and James both found that uproariously amusing.

She peeled off her scrub top and looked at the bed. It was lonely without Trin to cuddle against. She shrugged and slipped out of her scrub bottom and pondered taking a shower.

She quietly went down the hall in only a camisole and panties. Trin's room was in the corner, the door next to her dozing teenager. James would be out until one or two in the afternoon, undoubtedly having played video games until the break of dawn.

Trin on the other hand, might be awake. Violet smiled and thought perhaps a bit of morning fun might be in order. Slowly she eased open Trin's closed door. Woofer, her Irish Setter looked at her through a half lidded eye. He'd grown used to their tromping along and had stopped becoming excited by Thursday despite Trin's lewd moaning.

Trin was conked out cold, her body piled with blankets and the window wide open to the fresh air. Her bed was small, a child's daybed supported with cinder blocks so that it wouldn't break under her massive weight. She closed the door to a crack.

Violet sat on the edge of the bed and whispered, “Trin.”

Trin grunted.

“Co'mon, scoot over.”

Trin grunted again.

Violet laid over a bit trying to snuggle in.

Trin made a soft, 'rrring' noise in a questionable tone.

Violet kissed her on the ear.

Trin purred a bit and scooted herself against the bars of the white daybed, causing it to shake and jiggle. Violet took this as an act of consent and moved covers and sheets, exposing Trin's corpulent mass of flesh that passed for a body.

Trin shivered and muttered, “you're letting out all the warm air.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Violet said and crawled into the space. Trin's body radiated warmth, and Violet sought it out, stealing a pillow and folding it in half.

Trin grabbed the comforter and draped it over them, it was a queen size comforter, and for the two of them was a perfect fit. Trin grabbed her and pulled her tight. Violet smiled as the chubby arm reached up her shirt and she felt warm, and surrounded.

Trin growled in her ear, “what's with the clothes?”

Violet turned and kissed her, “hedonist.”

Trin half looked at her, “your point would be what?”

They talked for a while, and Trin eventually got her way, stripping Violet completely, however Violet insisted she do it without the use of her hands. This of course lead to a series of other activities, all of which Woofer ignored, and when the gasping and panting parts came, he became rather disgusted with the two of them and nosed the door open, heading toward the considerably cooler kitchen floor.

Trin decided that cuddling with Violet was far more important than anything else she could think that she really had to do right now especially post climatically. Both of them fell asleep.

At about ten in the morning, James awoke.

He stretched and yawned and turned on his Dreamcast and started to immediately play some Rogue Squadron, one of his current favorite video games. Within a half an hour or so, he was bored and went into the living room to play on the Playstation Two there.
He wasn't surprised that his mom was gone, it was normal for her and Trin to go out in the morning for coffee at the local Coffee People. He liked having the house to himself for awhile. He loved his mom and his Aunt Trin, but they weren't teenagers like him, and they treated him like he was a kid. They always told him to do stuff and wouldn't do it themselves, and it wasn't fair, not one bit.

He was playing on this really good game, one of those swords-and-sorcery one that captured his attention. He was going along at a good clip, when nature called. He'd often thought that there should be a toilet in the living room, or a bucket or something, but he had yet to convince his mother this was a good idea.

He trudged along to the bathroom, and caught sight of Woofer in the kitchen. Now that was funny, that Woofer would still be here. They always took him. Woofer paid little attention to James, unless it was an effort to bring him food. Woofer was like that, he was a dog with his priorities.

He went into the bathroom and took care of his business and came out, inadvertently looking through the open doorway of Trin's room.

What he saw was a shock. Trin was laying on her back, out cold and Violet, his mom, was resting on Trin's bare shoulder, equally asleep. He saw the bruise marks on the part of Trin's neck where she usually wore a scarf. While he couldn't see anything else for the heavy coverings, the idea was clear.

He tripped as he stumbled down the hall, and yelled at Woofer to get out of the way as he wrenched his bicycle away from the clutter in the kitchen, and took off in a huff, slamming the door rattling windows.

Trin's eyes snapped open and Violet spoke:


“Oh shit,” Trin said.

“What?” Violet asked again.

Trin pointed toward the open door.

“Oh shit,” Violet said.

Trin scrambled for clothing, pulling on a skirt and t-shirt and rooting for her keys. She looked back and found Violet had not moved.

“Well? Co'mon, we gotta find him,” Trin stated.

“No. He needs his time, just like you did, just like I did. He has to think about it. We've sorta become normal, you know? To each other, I mean.”

Trin tilted her head and continued to root for her keys, finding them with their rainbow tags and the bdsm flag.

“Trin, I'm serious,” she said firmly.

Trin sat in the chair in front of her computer and dropped the keys on the cluttered desk. She powered the pc on, and as it booted she thought about Violet's words.

She was right, she supposed.

Violet stood and rubbed Trin's shoulders some. She could see Trin was restraining herself, shutting down. It was one of the things Trin did when she was upset.

“Hey,” she said.

Trin turned and laid her head against Violet's bare tummy. Softly her blood pressure dropped. She was worried, but she wasn't his mother. It was like a part of her had been stripped away.

She became rather distracted however, when Violet spun the chair around and sat bodily on her, her nipples bouncing about chin level. Trin took a suckle and drew a lot of the breast into her mouth.

Violet moaned softly.

Trin sucked on the other breast for a while, and then Violet tugged at her shirt, lifting it over her head and behind her neck, causing her arms to be caught up. Violet bent down and sucked on Trin's lips softly.

Trin felt better, especially as Violet started kissing her deeply while she was tied up. She lay there, the huge bulk of her body slumped in the armless chair. Only her face moved as Violet licked at it, and sucked on her lips needfully.

Trin was in a state of pleasure. She was a very oral person, and to have her mouth invaded was a premium desire for her. Violet took her time and lathered Trin's face with delicate, feathery kisses, and then nipped at her neck, making her wince.

Violet stood and tugged at Trin's hair.

Trin leaned her face over and down, nuzzling into Violet's bush, the scent drawing her.

Due to the shift in weight, the chair felt a bit unstable to Trin and she tried to stand, but her massive bulk was too much, she couldn't without using her hands. Violet grabbed her arm and eased her up, leading her back as she sat on the edge of the bed. Trin turned to sit on the bed, but Violet stopped her.

“No,” she said, authoritatively.

Trin raised an eyebrow.


Trin faltered on her feet, her knees not being able to easily bear her nearly four hundred pounds, and fell. She moved fast and hard, slamming into the carpet. Violet was aghast, and reached down to help her.

Trin ignored it, and righted herself on her knees and knelt before Violet resting her head upon her knee like Woofer would do when he wanted a biscuit.

“Trin want a cookie?” She asked.

Trin grinned a rather foolish grin, and panted accordingly, trying to drool on Violet's bare, unshaven leg.

Violet spread her legs, and Trin had her cookie.

A couple of hours later, Trin and Violet were still in the half-sleep and half-cuddle state, although coffee had been suggested. Violet giggled when Trin's stomach growled obnoxiously. It was about noon, and Trin was hungry.

"I want some food," Trin said.

"You had cookies," Violet smirked.

"Just two, and not very big ones," Trin countered.

Violet bopped her with a pillow.

"What? You had two yourself. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you liked cookies," Trin said.

Violet smacked her again with the pillow.

Trin smirked at her, an almost evil, catty smirk.

Violet reared back with the pillow, but this time, Trin caught it. Trin moved like a cat and pounced her bodily, holding up a lot of her weight by her knees, but pinning her with what she did lay down.

Violet looked at her and pursed her lips.

Trin delicately licked them.

"So do you like cookie?" Trin asked.

Violet nodded.

Trin rolled off and curled under her arm, and Violet started to stroke her hair. Trin found that to be very comforting and if she could have purred, she would have. She garnered her courage and spoke:

"I like it a lot. I like it that you're not dominant a lot, I like it that you're submissive. I'm also scared where this will lead. You don't seem to have a lot of self-control when it comes to submission."

"You're right. I don't. I don't have a lot of self-control, actually. We also haven't played hard enough to worry too much about going to far. Heck you haven't even spanked me," Trin replied.

"You'd like that?" Violet inquired.

"Y-yes," Trin said. She stuttered, which was not like her normal speech pattern.

"Trinity, look at me," Violet said.

Trin rolled over to look at Violet. She was pasty and sort of white, even more so than normal.

"What's wrong," Violet asked.

"I'm hungry," Trin said.

"Well go get food, silly Trin."

Trin padded naked into the kitchen and poured herself a soda and chugged half of it down.

While she wanted to go out, she was sure Violet didn't. Violet almost always drove when they were together. Trin had a hard time fitting behind the steering wheel of Violet's car. With gasoline what it was, Trin didn't drive her Nova unless she had to. Besides, the evil daylight was out there. Trin would only go out for food, coffee or alcohol unless she had to have art supplies.
She looked at the empty space where James' bicycle usually lay.

The rest of the soda she downed and went back to her room.

Violet turned toward her and asked:


Trin nodded. The sugar had hit her empty stomach, and put some color in her face. She sat in her battered computer chair and plucked at keys for a moment, reading email and downloading photographs for her business. She had three or four new clients and forwarded the emails to her work email address.

Violet watched her. Trin was a technophile in the truest sense of the term, she liked her gadgets and gizmos, had her own domain and several different websites as well as accounts on the various art servers such as Deviant Art and Wet Canvas.

"Anything new?" Violet asked.

"Three new clients, it should keep me busy for a while," Trin said.

"Good," Violet responded.

Trin spun in her chair and blew her a kiss while reaching for her clothes.

"Just where do you think you're going?"

"Food. Real food, not just soda."

Violet made a face.

"Besides, Woofer's gotta do his business."

The big Irish Setter had returned to Trin's room and was doing his doggy dance that indicated he had to go and badly. It was nearly two in the afternoon.

Trin slipped into one of her billowy skirts and tossed the rumpled t-shirt on, looking presentable, or at least what she considered presentable. She kissed Violet and grabbed Woofer's leash.

Trin had a control harness on Woofer that fit around his muzzle, and while he could slip it without difficulty, he was generally pretty good about it. He led her up the back alleyway, but not before she snagged her pack of Djarums from the dashboard.

She lit one up, her eyes glazed as the clove smoke filled her lungs. Damn, these were good. Pity they made her so utterly sick after the second one. She let Woofer run to the extreme part of the lead, and used her weight to bear against him when he wanted to go farther.

It was cooler than it had been a couple of weeks ago, with some low clouds rolling in. Trin loved clouds, she could sit there and stare at them for hours as she did as a child. They always made her feel safe and away from the sun.

Woofer peed on several spots and left a very healthy solid deposit on a patch of grass near, but not quite in the neighbors yard. Trin detested her neighbors, and whenever Woofer would 'accidentally' leave a deposit in his yard, she gave him extra biscuits. Woofer hadn't quite figured out that correlation yet, but she was working on him hard.

Trin smoked down to the filter and ground the cherry out with the heel of her sandal, and tossed the butt directly into the trash. She went back in to find Violet dozing lightly.

"Coffee?" Trin asked hopefully.

"I'm still tired," Violet said.

"I'm gonna go get food," Trin replied.

"We gotta whole kitchen full of food," Violet said.

"Yeah, and I don't wanna eat any of it. Besides I'm gonna swing by the studio and take a look and see how much work I've got this week," she said.

"Okay. I'll buzz you when James gets back." Violet said, knowing Trin was worried.

Trin smooched her and gave her a soft, 'I love you' in her ear and put on her oversized sunglasses in case the clouds went away. Violet smiled and told Trin that she was loved as well.

She and Woofer drove straight to the studio. She loaded the emails into a photo processing program and set up a script to print out three or four variants of each image. This would take a good half hour and she knew the computer would shut down.

She had kept her word to Violet and then drove immediately to McDonalds. Her pulse pounded and endomorphs poured into her brain as she thought about cramming food into her mouth. She also saw a very familiar-looking bicycle on the side of the building.

Making her order she spied him in a corner, sipping a coke and reading a magazine. She wondered how long he'd been here, and wondered what to do. Maybe he did need his time, maybe she shouldn't say anything.

Her order came up and she sat at a table eating her five cheese burgers. Mid way through number three, he stood up to get a refill on his coke, and she couldn't resist. She wadded up a wrapper from one of the cheeseburgers and tossed at him, landing him right on the head.

He turned startled.

She waved two fingers at him in a quick greeting.

His mouth gaped open, he stood there, frozen.

She beckoned to him with her fingers.

He resisted until she spoke the word, "please."

He sat in next to her and she spoke:

"So will it be so bad? We've hid from you for a while now."

He shrugged like the teenager that she was and pushed fries at him. He chewed at them and then whispered:

“What do I tell my friends?”

Trin thought this was odd as he didn't bring many friends to the house.

“Whatever you feel comfortable with,” Trin said.

He looked at her, and then looked at her neck.

“Did mom...” he started.

Trin nodded.

“Got a grip like a shark, your mom does,” Trin said.

James turned a bit red.

“James,” she said, putting a hand on his arm. “I love you and your mom. It's just that the love between your mom and I has taken a different turn. Is that so wrong?”

“Well I don't think you'll go to hell over it,” He said authoritatively.

“Thats good, I suppose,” she replied. Trin was a dedicated non-Christian, especially after Ravi's death. Ravi had been Hindu, and Trin a Pagan.

“Why, do you want to go to hell?”

“You know me James, I hate the heat. That's why I moved to Arizona with your mom,” she said saucily.

“Yeah, why did you move with us anyway?”

“I love you, and love your mom. Sometimes when we love someone we do things that make us uncomfortable just to be closer to our loved ones. Ravi didn't mind one way or the other.”

“You still think about him a lot, don't you?” He asked.

“Every day. I want to think he'd approve,” Trin replied.

“I think he would,” James said.

“Do you approve?” Trin asked.

“I don't know. I have to talk to my mom,” He said.

“I can understand that,” Trin said. “You scared the shit out of us this morning though.”

“I'm sorry,” he said contritely.

“Why don't you head on home and talk to your mom. I'm gonna take Woofer over to PetCo for some biscuits and maybe I'll look at the fish.”

James rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Oh come on, they are cute,” Trin exclaimed happily.

James reply was to go back to the other table and retrieve his magazine. He stood in front of Trin as she moved the table away from her to stand up. She did so laboriously and shook out her skirt and dumped the tray. At the door she waited for him to unhook the lock from his bicycle and admonished him to ride safe.Woofer woofed at him from Trin's Nova. Somehow he understood he was going somewhere fun and was getting excited.

“I love you, James. Be careful. Tell your mom I'll be home soon.”

“I will Trin. Love you too.” He said, quickly in the teenage manner to avoid utter embarrassment.

She smiled, and they parted ways. Violet paged her a few minutes later as promised, and when she got home the three of them talked for a very long time.

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