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Fiction - Erotica - F/F - "Violet's Tit" Chapter 02

Week Two:
“Needed That”

Trin sat in the cafe in the downtown Phoenix J.J. Newberry's at the counter. Her long flowing patchwork skirt draped down to her Birkenstock sandals which sat on the small metal stool's footrest.
In front of her was a large bacon cheese gardenburger with crinkle cut fries and a home-made chocolate milkshake. Pure, utter, comfort food as far as Trin was concerned. It made no difference that she hadn't eaten since last night, and had slept in until about nine o'clock in the morning.
Violet had been conked out in the front room as she usually was after working night shift and getting James off to his freshman year in high school. Trin vacillated long and hard about waking her up, and in the process of getting Woofer out for his morning constitutional had done so quite by accident.
Violet had not been grumpy as Trin had thought originally and they sat together for a time on the couch, necking a bit and talking. Only when the alarm in Trin's PDA went off at quarter to ten did they part. Violet saw her to the door, something she'd been doing since Sunday.
From Sunday to, Wednesday, they had made love in three different rooms in the house about ten times in total. Trin was growing accustomed to being intimate again, and Violet was becoming very accustomed to Trin's tongue being used as a device of pleasure. She hadn't yet been able to bring herself to licking on Trin, but was getting the whole frigging thing down pretty good.
Trin wasn't pushing, by any means, but deep inside she really did want to be eaten. She longed to feel a tongue cleaning her clit, not to mention all that hot breath that cranked her chain so easily.
As that had yet to happen, and for dozens of other reasons, Trin did what she did when she was worked up. She ate. The crinkle cut fries she felt were the best part of the meal, she salted them heavily and ate them coated with ketchup, three or four at a time. Her therapy wasn't scheduled until noon and she often came early to poke about the stores and have a bite to eat before heading up to Nancy's office.
Nancy, Trin's therapist, waited for Trin out in the lobby of Phoenix Rising, a not-for-profit counseling group that serviced sexual minorities in Arizona. Trin arrived panting, and wheezing as the elevators were both out of service and the office was on the fifth floor. Nancy brought her water as she paid her fee and then brought her back. Trin flumped on the couch as she usually did, hiding from the venetian blinds. Noon was Nancy's earliest appointment and usually Trin could get to her studio for the hot part of the day afterward.
“Well you made it.” Nancy said.
“I did. Not quite sure I was going to there on the third floor.” Trin replied.
“Good, good. So how was this last week.” Nancy inquired.
“I got laid.” Trin said.
Nancy blinked.
Trin had often gone on and on how there would never be anyone else, that no one could replace Ravi. She'd lamented how she would die alone, which had prompted Woofer's purchase. Woofer was now three, and frankly, Nancy was almost at the point where she was inclined to believe Trin.
“Who?” Nancy said. She was unaware of any prospects on the horizon.
“Um. Violet.” Trin said.
“Your roommate?” Nancy inquired.
“Yeah.” Trin said. “I seduced her. I think. I dunno. Hell, I don't know anything any more.” With that, Trin's big sloppy tears fell again, running down her chubby cheeks in her foray into the guilt of her mind.
Nancy was used to this, Trin was a crier. Nancy had always encouraged her clients to cry, especially Trin who locked her emotions in tightly. It had taken her over a year to get Trin to really dump her guts about Ravi. She handed Trin a box of kleenix and gave her a few moments to compose herself, stepping out. She found out her one o'clock had canceled and ordered the slot blocked. Today would be rough for Trin and she wanted all the time she could get.
When she returned, Trin was ready to babble about how shameful she felt about Violet, and how she had no clue about how to deal with James. Nancy waited patiently and then began to cut through Trin's statements after she had exhausted herself.
“So she enjoyed it?” Nancy asked.
“She's cum most every time, and we're running out of rooms.” Trin said happily.
“So why do you feel so guilty?” Nancy asked.
“I um, well um.” Trin said. She stuttered and her eyes flickered. She took deep breaths to make herself calm down.
Nancy relentlessly backed Trin into a corner. She told Trin in no uncertain terms she was a good person, and deserved a good relationship. Trin reacted like she was branded, and believed none of it. It actually made her upset to hear these compliments. Nancy had tried various techniques and over the last two months or so, Trin had been able to deal with it.
With this new relationship, Trin was now back to square one, emotionally. Nancy was frustrated, but kept her cool.
“So where are you going to go with it?” She asked.
“I'm gonna keep my nose buried between her thighs for as long as it takes for her to kick me out of the house,” Trin replied.
“What if that's never?” Nancy challenged her again.
Trin got very quiet.
She said, “then I'll be very lucky.”
Nancy replied, “then I hope you're very lucky.”
Nancy inquired for specific details regarding the relationship and frowned slightly as Trin explained some of the more dominant aspects of it.
“So let me get this straight. She's waking you up for sex, and you're the one feeling like you're imposing on her.”
Trin nodded vehemently. “She'd never had another woman before.”
Nancy said, “Trin. Take my word for it, you have nothing to fear guilt wise. I'd be more worried about you being used for nothing more than a biological vibrator.”
Trin quite liked that idea and grinned.
Nancy muttered something about being incorrigible and then opened up an old wound:
“So you going to pride this year?”
Trin looked at her flatly.
“Because it's good to take pride in your diversity,” Nancy replied.
“One day of the year? I think not,” Trin countered. “Pride should be held every day.”
“Then why don't you?” She said.
“I have pride,” Trin said.
“In what?” Nancy demanded.
Her tongue sliced Trin like a knife.
Trin sat there silently.
The second hand of the clock drug along.
Fifteen seconds.
A full minute passed.
“Do you see a problem here?” Nancy said.
Trin would have grunted but she was afraid Nancy would compliment her.
“So I should be proud I'm an aging fat lesbian seductress,” She said sarcastically.
“How many awards have you won for your artwork?” She asked.
Trin lapsed back into silence.
“Six? Seven?” She offered.
“Five,” Trin corrected her.
“How many galleries represent you?” She asked.
“Fourteen,” Trin said flatly.
“Is Violet beautiful?” Nancy asked.
Trin took a deep breath and let it out softly.
“Violet is a wonderful woman, and I am lucky to have her. Beautiful, without question.”
“Can you take some pride in her beauty?” Nancy said.
“I'd be afraid to be seen with her,” Trin stated, not answering the question.
“I don't want someone to take her from me,” She said.
Nancy growled.
“Dammit Trin. You're better than this and you know it!” She roared.
Her voice pinned Trin to the couch. Trin's pupils became pinpoints. Nancy rarely, if ever yelled at her.
“Don't fuck with me.” Trin snapped back.
“Why not? What are you going to do about it?” Nancy countered.
“I don't deserve to get yelled at. I'm a good person,” Trin said defiantly.
“Yes, you are. That's my point.”
Trin felt bamboozled. Manipulated.
“Don't turn my words against me,” She said. Trin was no master linguist by any means, but she knew when she was being played.
She looked up at the clock and was thankful that her hour was almost over.
Nancy saw the eyes move and closed in for the kill.
“My one o'clock canceled. I can give you another hour.”
Trin reflected upon this. She knew they were treading on thin ice, but also knew that was when a lot of good things happened. She countered to Nancy.
“I need a break. A smoke,” She said.
“Agreed. I could use one myself,” Nancy admitted.
“Roof or parking garage?” Nancy offered.
“Garage,” Trin said.
She grabbed at her denim handbag, unzipped it and pulled out her cloved cigarettes and her Zippo. Standing up, she stepped into her Birks.
Nancy stood up and locked the door behind them. Nancy was silent as Trin made her way laboriously down the stairwell, having almost as difficult a time going down, as coming up.
A crack resounded as one of Trin's nails hit the metal bar on the door.
“Broke it?” Nancy asked after hearing the sound
“I need a set of fills anyway,” Trin said.
A wave of Arizona heat hit them like a laser, and didn't stop either one of them from lighting up in the impromptu smoking area that was in one corner.
Trin inhaled deeply and held the smoke down like someone smoking a joint and exhaled through her mouth, frenching the smoke.
“Goddess that's good.” She said.
Nancy nodded.
“So what's she think of that?” She pointed toward the cigarette.
“Hasn't said anything.” Trin said. “I'm good, I only smoke three or four a week. One after you, and if I get a snotty client, one after them. Sometimes I have a joint with some of the other artists, but I never bring it home. Don't want it around James, and I'm sure Vi gets pee tested.”
Nancy nodded. “I'm lucky, I think, being an intern and all.”
Trin nodded taking another drag off the filterless clove. Because of it's oils, it burned far more slowly than a normal cigarette and Nancy could sneak two in in the time it took Trin to smoke one.
“So she's hot, huh?” Nancy said, fumbling for her lighter.
Trin snapped her zippo up without missing a beat.
“Like fire, baby. Gushes like a hydrant.” Trin said.
Nancy smiled lecherously.
“You therapists are all alike. Get the goods and frig yourselves in the bathroom,” Trin mouthed off.
Nancy's face became impassive.
“I plead the fifth,” She said.
“Bitch,” Trin challenged.
“Cunt,” Nancy replied.
“Whore,” Trin lashed.
“Slut,” Nancy baited.
“Only for Vi.” Trin admitted.
“Good. I wish you and she many long years of slurping,” Nancy said.
“She tells me she's in for the long haul,” Trin said.
The clove had burned to within a quarter inch of her finger and she pondered lighting another one. She dropped the cherry to the ground as the buzz started to hit her, and the stub she stuck back in the metal case, but made no effort to move.
“You want another?” Nancy asked.
Trin answered by pulling a second out, and then offered the open case to Nancy.
“I shouldn't,” Nancy said.
“Neither should I,” Trin said, lighting it and taking a hefty drag.
Nancy bummed another light off Trin and her eyes dilated softly as the cloved smoke relaxed them both.
“So where you going from here?” Nancy asked.
“Was going to the studio, but I'd rather go home,” She said. She undid the scarf that complimented her outfit and showed Nancy the old hickie Violet had laid on her on Sunday and then a fresher one on the other side.
“Wow. She's a biter,” Nancy said.
“Just like I like 'm,” She said. “Reminds me of Ravi, but he was too gentle at times.”
With their therapeutic session relocated comfortably, Nancy took advantage of Trin's slight stoning.
“Feels different, doesn't it?” She asked.
“I loved Ravi. If I could have taken that accident for him, I would have. I've come to the point though, that he would have wanted me to love again, but frankly, I don't want a man. I didn't want a man when I met him. He was just gender dysphoric enough to be socially attractive, and passionate enough to be sexually interesting. I had to sort of lead him in the dominant department, but when he understood it pleasured me, he was a quick learner. Ravi spoiled me for men. Period.”
Nancy nodded. She'd lost a couple lovers in her life, but never by being clipped by a bus. She had only once slept with a man, and didn't care for it.
“So other than the biting, are you getting any of your submissive needs met?” Nancy asked.
“Some. She takes my shirt off by putting it behind my head. It's kinda like amateur hour for bondage, but it's also pretty cool. Sometimes I leave it there, sometimes I take it off. I like to grab the edge of the daybed and kinda pretend I'm tied up,” She said.
“That works, huh?” Nancy said.
“It'll do. It's kinda like being eaten. I'd love it, I want it, but she's new to all this? You know me,” Trin blushed, “I'll never ask.”
“Don't you have a right to receive pleasure?” Nancy asked.
“She kisses me and frigs me at the same time. Tell me that's not pleasure,” Trin said solidly.
Nancy nodded.
“What about the boy?” She inquired.
“We're playing hide and go seek until she comes out,” Trin said, replacing the scarf.
Nancy nodded. She pondered for a while, “I know he got some bad grades a while back. How did that resolve?”
“She's not going to do anything about it. He's not my kid, but we've talked, he and I. I am trying to get him to understand that he should take some pride in his work, but you can't instill pride.” She explained, “it must come from within.”
“What do you know about pride?” Nancy poked at her.
“Fuck you,” Trin said as she inhaled more smoke from her mouth.
“I dare you,” Nancy said.
Trin cocked an eyebrow.
“I dare you to take her to pride,” Nancy said.
“I dunno. She hasn't even said she's bi, much less a lesbian. I have to think of her sexual identity,” Trin said honestly.
“Think, yes, hide behind, no.” Nancy stated as they made their way back to the office.
For a while they talked more, of non relationship things, some reading that Nancy had wanted her to do, particularly a tome entitled, 'The Power of Now' and similar books. Trin tapped them all into her PDA and at the end thanked Nancy profusely.
Trin sped home in her sixty-six Nova. The old beast was like Trin in that she hated the heat, and Trin kept her well hydrated and topped with oil. She hit the duplex at twenty after two in the afternoon, and found Violet still on the couch, asleep.
Trin was pouring in sweat just from the brief drive and went into the bathroom to shower, as James would be home in a handful of minutes.
The hot water felt good to her as it pulsed into her hair. She scrubbed shampoo twice into it, and then lathered fully with conditioner. As it soaked in, she turned the hand held shower unit to some more intimate regions. She did not hear the bathroom door open, and nearly had a heart attack as Violet opened up the curtain.
“Dammit woman! Scared the piss out of me!” She bellowed.
Violet looked between Trin's legs.
“Liar,” She said, and peeled out of her house dress and stepped in.
“James called, he won't be home until five,” She smiled wolfishly.
“Hell yeah,” Trin said and laid a firm lip lock on her.
Violet had a very confident feeling and asked Trin if her ears had been burning last night.
“No, but I bet yours were today,” She said.
“I ended up talking about you to the other Nurse last night,” Violet said.
Trin got quiet, as she knew this other Nurse was an out lesbian. She wasn't offended, but deathly curious.
“We had lunch and stuff. Hung out, I guess one of the other aides is gay too, and she got drug into it. I sorta said I was sleeping with you. It felt good to talk about it,” Violet confided.
Trin's crooked smile formed and she pulled Violet toward her. They kissed deeply in the shower.
“How was your shrink?” She asked.
“Good. I told her, and she kicked me in the ass,” Trin said.
Violet cocked an eyebrow.
“The usual shit,” Trin said. “I'm a good person, I deserve someone like you, yadda, yadda, yadda.”
Violet said nothing but instead nuzzled on Trin softly. Trin sometimes needed to vent about Nancy too.
“She also dared me,” Trin concluded.
“Dared you?” Violet asked.
“Dared me to take you to pride,” Trin said.
“That's the big gay lesbian park thing, right?” Violet asked.
“Yeah. I just go for the cool t-shirts,” Trin said.
“Lemmie think on it,” Violet said.
“Good by me,” Trin replied, soaping up Violet's hair.
Violet cooed under Trin's deftful ministrations, as her scalp was massaged, rinsed, re-lathered, and conditioned. While the conditioner soaked, Trin and Violet simply enjoyed the peace of each other's company, in the humid air. Soapy hands explored, but there was no need to climax, just the pleasure of mutual arousal.
They toweled each other off, and padded naked into Trin's room.
They sat on the bed and Violet softly trailed her fingers upon Trin's lips. Trin purred softly as if she were a giant pussycat and softly suckled upon the finger. It became all that she was, that one finger as it rolled into her mouth.
Violet smiled and gently rubbed one of Trin's nipples and gave Trin a playful push on the chest. Trin fell backward, grabbing her with a broad smile.
For quite some time they would kiss, talk about this or that thing, kiss some more, and talk. Violet found that their already close conversations became intensely deeper now that they were intimate, and that was something she treasured.
Trin playfully pulled Violet up some and nursed gently upon her long nipples. She nibbled, chewed softly and suckled rather happily. Violet was content to watch. She was trying to garner her courage, but found herself getting wet at the attention.
She moved father up and softly teased Trin's nose with her thick mat of pubic hair. Trin nipped playfully at her, and slid a tongue against her labia. Violet pulled back.
Trin was curious, and somewhat puzzled, and then Violet reared up, and moved her legs, rotating upon Trin her rump waving in Trin's face. Trin grabbed it with both hands and pulled it toward her mouth like a hungry mountain lion and some hapless animal, licking, sucking and chewing any convenient piece of flesh she could find.
Violet let the pleasure happen and found herself staring at Trin's bare snatch.
Softly she brought a lot of her weight onto Trin, and gently rubbed at her partners smoothness with both her hands. Trin was wet, and she tasted the wetness and found it palatable. Her friend the nurse said that she shouldn't think about it and just do it.
Violet dipped her head down and took her friend's clit into her mouth. It was warm, and felt like a triangular nipple as she lapped softly at it.
Trin stopped for a moment. She realized what Violet was doing and smiled, and got an idea. Gently she lapped at Violet's clit as well, in about the same stroke that Violet was going down on her as well.
Violet picked up on this and softly stuck her tongue down into Trin's moistness, her senses reeling in the pungent womanhood.
Trin jammed her face into Violet, sticking her tongue as deeply as she could go while softly rubbing her clit with a finger.
Violet was not to be undone and went for the gold, her tongue exploring Trin's inner and outer labia hungrily, now understanding what it was like, the desire to eat another woman.
Trin worked at Violet with a couple of fingers flickering Vi's clit with her tongue making an obscene slurping noise. Violet felt her rush coming and pulled her butt away.
Trin made a whining noise.
Violet stopped licking on Trin and moved toward the foot of the bed. Her face was matted with sweat and Trin's vaginal juice.
“Spread 'm.” Violet said.
Trin spread her feet a few more inches apart.
“I said spread 'm.” Violet growled.
Trin moved even slower, and smirked at Violet.
Violet grabbed a knee in each hand and rudely ripped Trin's chubby thighs apart, which made Trin's blood roar with desire. She went straight for Trin's bare cleft, it's beautiful ruddy crimson color an invitation all of it's own.
She too a deep breath and began at Trin's perianal area driving her tongue into her full folds, her face jammed up into her pubic area, the flesh of her mouth, and the flesh of her lovers genitals becoming one.
Trin couldn't help herself, and gyrated against Violet's skull, throwing her head back, letting out a long, sexually charged moan.
Violet smiled to herself, and latched onto Trin's clit, peeling back the hood with her lips and suckling on the little bundle of nerves.
Trin gasped, her enormous body quivered, and shook.
Violet kept up the pressure, slamming three fingers into Trin as she knew she liked and took a peek up, watching Trin twist her nipples.
Trin panted and then cried out Violet's name in ecstasy her body convulsing and letting out a torrent of juices all of which splashed Violet's face in a pair of powerful orgasms. She squealed and had to pull back as Violet's teeth grazed her hypersensitive clit, the shock of which caused her a third, lesser orgasm.
Violet moved up upon her and kissed her deeply.
Trin tasted her own juices.
“I needed that.” Trin said.
“I know.” Violet replied. “So did I.”
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